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Mistress – Double Shot Mouth and Ass Stroker

Handhæg múffa sem þægilegt er að ferðast með og auðvelt er að þrífa.


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Handhæg múffa sem þægilegt er að ferðast með og auðvelt er að þrífa. Býður upp á tvo enda, munn og rass og er hægt að nota hana með opið í báða enda eða lokað öðrum megin fyrir meira sog. Mynstruð að innan fyrir aukinn unað. Búin til úr mjúku, teygjanlegu efni sem er raunverulegt viðkomu. Best er að nota vatnsleysanlegt sleipiefni.
Efni: TPE, ABS. Heildarlengd: 11,2cm. Breidd: 6,8cm. Innsetjanleg lengd: 10,2cm.


Designed so you can have two amazing holes to fulfill your fantasy, it is also petite and travel friendly! Enjoy the realistic TPE rubber as the textured inner canal enfolds your shaft in blissful, wet, stimulating sensations! Make more of your intimate moments on the go or at home with a compact, easy to clean stroker! With open-ends on each side, you can plummet your peen through the hole or deeply into it and cum through it when you fully release! To clean, just rinse it out and use mild soap and warm water, then let it fully dry. Two caps are included – one for each end – and can be used as something to bump your head against if you want a little resistance. Enjoy the ridges, bumps and nubs from the stretchy and realistic stroker and only use water-based lubricants for best results!
Measurements: Case length: 11,2cm, width: 6,8cm. Insertion length: 10,2cm.
Materials: TPE, ABS
Key Features:
  • Textured Inner Tunnel: The inner tunnel of this delicious, TPE rubber has ridges, bumps and curves in the tight little hole of either the two stroker entrances.
  • Soft, Stretchy and Realistic: Made of the most realistic, stretchy and soft material so you can enjoy every glide and thrust as you fill Mistress’ holes!
  • Easy Clean-Up: Designed with an open end on each side, clean is easy! Rinse the material and let the water run through the tunnel.