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Isabella Sinclaire – Leather Bed Restraint Kit

Breyttu rúminu þínu á augabragði í spennandi BDSM húsgagn.


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Breyttu rúminu þínu á augabragði í spennandi BDSM húsgagn. Þetta sett inniheldur tvær leður úlnliðs festur, tvær leður ökla festur, tvær keðjur, fjögur festibönd og festibönd fyrir rúmið. Ef þú vilt festa leikfélagan meðan þú skreppur út í búð eða vilt einfaldlega auka á spennuna þá er hægt að nota festurnar með hengilás.
(Selt sér) Rúm festan lengist í allt að 140cm. Bönd fyrir ulnliðs og ökla festur verða allt að 168cm. langar. Ummál úlnliðsfesta er stillanlegt frá 23 til 30cm. Keðja á milli er 18cm. Ummál öklafesta er stillanlegt frá 29 til 33cm. Keðja á milli er 13cm.

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Comfortable cuffs are important, but they also need to get the job done, securing your partner. I designed these with locking buckles so you can use them alone or with a padlock for a little extra excitement. The durable straps make it easy to keep them spread eagled on any bed, awaiting your next move…
-Mistress Isabella Sinclaire
Instantly transform your bed into a piece of bondage furniture, arranging your lover as you see fit! They will be writhing in ecstasy as you please, tease, and torment their helpless body. The sturdy leather cuffs are lined with comfortable padding so that your playthings wrists and ankles will not grow sore as play sessions last long into the evening. Each cuff set comes with a connector chain for use without the bed straps. The buckle locks so that your lover will feel even more deliciously trapped and confined. Just slide the strap set under your mattress and pull the cuffs up at the corners. Adjust the straps as needed to fit all bed sizes. Spice up your sex life and you will never want to get out of bed!
Measurements: Center bed strap adjusts up to 55 inches(140cm), 4 connector straps adjust up to 66 inches (168cm), Wrist cuffs adjust between 9 and 12 inches in circumference (23 – 30cm) and come with a 7 inch chain (18cm). Ankle cuffs adjust between 11.5 and 13 inches in circumference (29 til 33cm) and come with a 5 inch chain (13cm).
Material: Leather, metal, nylon
Color: Black
Note: Includes wrist cuffs with connector chain, ankle cuffs with connector chain, and bed straps