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Tom of Finland – Bros Pins Magnetic Nipple Clamps

Flottar geirvörtu klemmur með segli frá Tom of Finland.


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Flottar geirvörtu „klemmur“ með segli frá Tom of Finland. Þessar eru fullkomnar fyrir byrjendur eða þá sem vilja góða klemmu en ekki of mikinn sársauka. Lengd: 3,8cm. Þykkt: 1,9cm.

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Think you are tough as nails? Think again! These magnetic nipple clamps will test your pain tolerance and endurance. Good for beginners or the ones that are not looking for too much pain. The realistic screw shape and gun metal finish create a set of attractive accessories that will change the atmosphere of your scene, whether playing solo or with a partner. Imagine having your sensitive buds trapped between each side of the magnet. Act out your naughty fantasies with the help of Tom of Finland.
Measurements: 1.5 inches in length (3,8cm), 0.75 inches in width. (1,9cm)
Material: Aluminum alloy.
Color: Grey.
Note: Includes a collectible Tom of Finland art card.