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Tom of Finland – Bros Pin Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps

Flottar stál geirvörtu klemmur frá Tom of Finland.


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Flottar stál geirvörtu klemmur frá Tom of Finland. Þessar klípa vel í og toga í um leið vegna þyngdar þeirra. Gerist varla betra! Lengd: 8,2cm Opnast: 1,3cm.

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While the clothespin has been a common household BDSM toy since its invention, it has lacked the intensity that many crave… until now. These stainless steel clothespins are no joke! The heavy design produces a strong bite, while the weight drags your nipples down for agonising pleasure. The striking image of these glinting clamps on your nipples, or your partners, will be etched in your mind long after use.
Measurements: 3.25 inches in length (8,2cm), opens up to half an inch (1,3cm)
Material: Stainless steel.
Color: Grey.
Note: Free collector print included!