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Mister B Rubber Butchers Apron

Virkilega flott „Butcher“ svunta úr gúmmí frá Mr. B.


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Virkilega flott „Butcher“ svunta úr gúmmí frá Mr. B.
This Mister B Rubber Butchers Apron is the perfect way to be dressed and undressed at the same time, simply slip it on, and you are good to go!
Offering you (or someone else) free and easy access to your rear, this one peace wonder is available in traditional Black.

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Mr B Rubber Care

If you would like to enjoy your rubber clothing for a long time, then it is vital to take good care of it! Here are a few things you should know.
In General
Household oils, mechanical oils, greases and solvents can cause serious damage on your rubber garments.
Extreme heat will melt the latex. (Radiators, candles etc.)
Sunlight will cause discoloration! Especially light colours and transparent will easily stain! Do not expose latex for a longer period to sunlight!
Water and high humidity will destroy and discolour the rubber. Latex is a natural product and reacts to that. So keep it dry and give it enough time to dry after you washed it!
Metal will stain the rubber, avoid spots and discoloration!
Nicotine will stain the rubber. If you are strong smoker and like to wear white, light colours and transparent then remember to wash your hands in between to avoid yellow spots!
Sharp objects including long fingernails can easy cause holes or rip your latex garment. Just be careful when you put on your clothing!
Sweat will damage your rubber in the long run! obviously nobody can avoid it, but remember to wash it off! So keep it clean!
Leather can also damage and weaken your rubber. The concerns about leather are the remaining oils which are used during the production process of the garments.
Fill your bathtub, a bucket or whatever you got with some hand warm water, add a few drops of Mister B WASH  and wash your rubber.! Then put it on a hanger and let it dry, in- and outside!
Recommendation: After rinsing your garment, put it again in some clean water and add some of Mister B RUBB AID, stir the garment around a little in the mix and then hang it up to dry. This way your garment is pre shined.
Store your garment in a dry and dark place. Make sure your garment is no were near metal.