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Mister B – Leather Tie Stitched

Flott bindi úr ekta leðri.



Flott leður bindi frá Mr. B sem er gert til að endast. Lengd: 142cm. Breiðasti partur: 6cm. Mjóasti partur: 3cm.

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Red, Black, Blue


The Mister B Leather Tie (Stitched) is the perfect finishing touch to every leather man’s outfit, setting you apart from the crowd.
Length : 142 cm
Width : widest part : 6 cm / smallest part ; 3 cm
All Mister B Leather Ties are stitched for durability, and are ideal for use with basic necktie knots such as Windsor, Half Windsor, Simple (Oriental) or Small knots.
With one of these ties to complete your outfit, you will surely stand out from the crowd and be instantly recognised as a Leather Man who is dressed to impress.