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Satin Blindfold

Augngríma sem skapar spennandi andrúmsloft í svefnherberginu.


7 á lager


Þó svo að þessi einfalda augngríma virðist ekki vera merkileg þá skapar hún spennandi andrúmsloft í svefnherberginu. Tilvalið til að nota með bindisetti.
Breidd: 18,5cm. Hæð: 8,3cm.


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Add excitement and suspense to your bedroom with this Satin Blindfold. Even though this may seem as a small and insignificant piece, it is very effective and can heighten the senses. When put on your lover not only can they not see, but they will be squirming with anticipation for what will happen next! The possibilities of what you can do to surprise your lover are limitless, from tickling them with a feather wand to licking some whipped cream off their body!
Measurements: 7.25 inches in width (18,5cm), 3.25 inches tall (8,3cm)
Material: Satin
Color: Black