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Master Series – Suspension Bar

Sterk stálstöng hönnuð til notkunar með hand eða ökklajárnum.


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Sterk stálstöng frá Master Series hönnuð til notkunar með hand eða ökklajárnum. (Eigum til ýmsar gerðir) Hentar bæði fyrir lengra komna BDSM leiki eða sem skemmtileg tilbreyting í svefnherberginu. Það fylgir með keðja til þess að hengja stöngina upp í loft en einnig er hægt að nota hana sem hefðbundna glennistöng. Stöngin þolir allt að 158kg. hangandi úr lofti en við vekjum athygli á að nota réttar festingar í loftið.
Stöngin er 91,5cm. löng og 3,2cm. í ummáli. Keðjan er 51 cm. löng. 2,3kg.


Spread them wide and suspend your lover to your whims! The Levitate Suspension Bar is made to be hung from a solid ceiling anchor point so you can suspend your lovers arms or legs in the air, locking up their limbs and exposing their body to all kinds of fun. Tease them, please them, or punish them for their bad behavior!
This suspension bar can hold up to 158kg. with confidence, and spreads your partner with delicious 91,5cm. – suspend their legs and support their body with a table or bench and enjoy their forbidden fruit, or suspend their hands, blindfold their eyes, and gag their mouth for a more traditional BDSM scene.
Measurements: Bar length 91,5 cm, bar diameter 3,2 cm, chains length 51 cm.
Materials: Steel.
Color: Black.
Note: Cuffs sold separately.
Key Features:
  • Heavy Duty Steel Design: Built to stand up to the writhes and pulls of your sub! Keep their hands up and have your way with their body – tickle, tease, and punish their flesh for a fun night of teasing and impact play.
  • Attachment Points: The two attachment points makes it easy to attach your choice of restraints and handles! Tie them up in something rough for an edgier scene – combine with blindfolds, ankle spreaders, and gags for a genuine BDSM experience.
  • Versatile For Unlimited Fun: Designed for versatility and openness so you can explore every kink and desire your naughty imagination can come up with!
  • The included chain and bar supports most body shapes and sizes, with a weight limit of 158kg.