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Master Series – Masters St. Andrew’s Cross SÉRPÖNTUN

Fyrir alla sem eiga eða vilja búa sér til alvöru leikherbergi. Krossinn er skrúfaður upp á vegg og hentar því vel þar sem pláss er af skornum skammti.


Í boði sem biðpöntun


Athugið að þessi vara er sérpöntuð og gæti afhendingartími því verið allt að fjórar vikur.
Fyrir alla sem eiga eða vilja búa sér til alvöru leikherbergi. Krossinn er skrúfaður upp á vegg og hentar því vel þar sem pláss er af skornum skammti. Ef leikherbergi er ekki til staðar er góð hugmynd að festa hann á vegg á bakvið skáp eða fela hann með gluggatjöldum. Hann er bólstraður og því mjúkur viðkomu. Á krossinum eru krókar og stál stangir til að festa og binda við. Krossinn kemur í 5 hlutum í flötum pakka. Krossinn er gerður ú timbri, járni og PVC gervileðri. Það fylgja með 20 boltar og skrúfjárn.
Saman settur er hann 183cm á hæð og 95cm á breidd. Handa og fótastykki eru 73,6cm á hæð og 16,5cm á breidd. Miðjustykki er 48,2cm á hæð og 39,4cm á breidd.


Please note that this product is custom ordered and delivery time can be up to 4 weeks.
Optimize your kinky play with this wall-mounted St. Andrew’s Cross! This plush, padded cross lays flat against the wall so you have more floor space! It’s perfect for smaller rooms and gives you more square footage to place other kinky pieces in the room along with the cross. It’s also great for rooms that have dual use such as a bedroom where you can hide a cross behind a curtain or dresser. The cross comes in 5 separate pieces and is shipped in a flat package discreetly to your address! Assemble it with the help of a drill and stud finder and place the 5 pieces exactly at the height that you prefer for easy and ergonomic scenes. The ultra plush pads are covered in PVC faux leather, are extra comfortable and easy to clean with a toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol spray. Along the sides of each leg and arm pad are attachment points where you can attach wrist and ankle cuffs, rope, or other kink accessories! Get your submissive to stand upright for impact play whenever you like with this easy to install, easy to hide and compact St. Andrew’s Cross!
After mounting the cross securely to the wall of your choice, grab your favorite toys and kinky implements and place them nearby. After warming up your submissive, attach their wrists and ankles to the cross to keep them in place. You can have them facing forward or facing the wall. Once in place, feel free to use nipple clamps, floggers, whips, rope, gags and more! Your scene has just been amplified by a real St. Andrew’s Cross in your sexy space! As you use the whips and floggers on them, you notice how much easier it is with a cross that doesn’t take up much space! It allows you to have more room to use the impact tools and move around. When you’re done with your scene, untie ropes or uncuff your submissive and bring them onto the bed, chair, couch or floor and give them some aftercare.
Measurements: Assembled: 183cm Length x 95 Width. Arm and leg pads: 73,6 x 16,5cm Width. Torso pad: 48,2cm Length x 39,4cm Width.
Materials: PVC, iron, wood, PU
Color: Black
Note: Screwdriver and 20 bolts are included. Set up will require a drill, drill bits and a stud finder.
Key Features:
Save on Floorspace!: This upright St. Andrew’s Cross lays flat against the wall so you can save on floorspace and it is easily hidden behind a dresser or curtains when not in use.
Easily Ships: The 5 separate pieces are shipped flat and can be arranged any way you like to match your lover’s height and torso once mounted on the wall. They can be rearranged in a way you prefer for a customized and optimal kink setup!
Plush Pads: The PVC leather cushions on each of the arms and the torso board are extra padded for serious comfort!
Durable Frame: The frame is made out of wood and iron and holds up well during rough scenes.
Multiple Attachment Points: Attach any kink accessories, rope, cuffs and more to the multiple points on the cross.