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Passion Licks - Watermelon flavor

Lífgaðu upp á munnmökin með vatnsmelónusleipiefni frá Passion.


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Lífgaðu upp á munnmökin með vatnsmelónubragði frá Passion. Sykurlaust og án gervisætuefna. 236ml.

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Enjoy the flavours of Passion Licks with mouth-watering flavours that is completely body-friendly! There is absolutely no sugar or artificial sweeteners used in these formulas! You will be giving your partner head for longer than they have ever experienced when it tastes like watermelons  and when you are done with oral, this non-sticky and non-staining lube is perfect for penetration as well! There are no limits with Passion Licks.
Size: 8 oz. (236ml)
Color: Clear.
Note: Watermelon.